Thursday, 10 November 2011

Virgin Gallactic Brochure Design

This is the brochure for Virgin Galactic that I found on their website. It is a publication that uses a lot of photography to capture the imaginations of the viewer. It is also a publication that uses a persuasive tone to try get people (rich people) to spend their hard earned money on a trip to space.

it uses quotation that are intended to make people through caution to the wind and book a flight.

This tone of voice and tone of voice in general is something that I am going to have to consider very carefully when designing for this brief. Will it be something that has a persuasive voice? Or will it be a something that uses tone more subtlety.

I will also have to think about when in time the brief will be set.
Will it be set in todays world? Or perhaps 20 years down the line where space flight will becoming available to the middle classes not just the elite.

The target audience choice will effect the tone of voice considerably.   

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