Sunday, 20 November 2011


Since 1963, DEA has been one the worlds premier brands in Coordinate Measuring Machine Technology (CMM's). There main facilities are located in Torino Italy.

They have highly skilled teams of mechanical, electronic and software engineers and are committed to the continuous development of state of the art solution for dimensional quality inspection.

DEA products are used by virtually every industry in every geographical market throughout the world.

The image on the left is the logo for the DEA metrology company. It is, at present the worst metrology logo that I have come across.

The image part of the logo has been designed to look like a lighter version of the ying and yang symbol although I cannot see any possible link to the two in terms of the meaning behind this ancient symbol.

The weight and colour of the text also clashes with the image and throws the design off balance.

I will not be looking at this logo for any inspiration when branding my own company.


  1. I thought it was a virus when I first notice this logo.. The new logo is awful.. really..Construction logo designs

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