Monday, 9 May 2011

Help Japan Poster Design

These are some posters that have been designed by various different people from around the world. There aim is to get people to think about the recent disasters in Japan. They do this through clever, simple but very effective design.

All use the Japanese flag as the main focal point. All are very minimal,  hard hitting and thought provoking. Through this they all achieve what they have been designed to do. These are my favourite out of many I have found. 

Japanese Donation Sites

This article explains how some charities where too quick to raise money for the disaster and it could not be allocated properly. When it comes to donating money I will make sure that the money will be donated to a specific field. For example raising money for children or the rebuilding of the country.

This is the British Red cross site where you can donate money for the appeal.

This is the the site for global giving. They are raising money in order to provide relief for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Above is the website for Save the Children. They are helping to raise money for all the children who have either been orphaned by the disaster or left homeless.

These are various websites that I have found for various different charities who are helping to raise money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. They all focus on different aspects of the disaster raising money for different people.