Monday, 21 November 2011

Motion Info-graphics

This info-graphic has been made to persuade Canadians to eat Canadian. It is primarily centralised around a ding ing table that has been shot with a normal camera with graphic information being added afterwards.
This is a good concept because it does not alienate the viewer from the subject they are trying to get across and at the same time the viewer is not swamped with an over flow of information.

This is a video that is easy to digest (no pun intended) and I think that this simple face makes this video successful.

EAT CANADIAN!! (if your Canadian) 

This information relies heavily on what the viewer can see and also what they are being told by the narrator. Instead of utilising words and diagrams to get a message across it acts more like an animated story.

This again is a clever concept because it enables it to get a more emotional response from the person watching it. The soundtrack is also very fitting and creates an atmosphere of suspense and urgency.

It is a video that also relies practically all on pre drawn illustrations rather than digitally rendered images    and text.

This video is a very slick piece of design. The information and text moves extremely fluidly from one point to the next and also makes it very easy and clear for the viewer to understand, what is a pretty boring and complicated subject.

This info graphic shows the amount of asteroids that have been detected orbiting in our solar system from 1980 to 2003.
As the years tick by in the bottom left hand corner it the amount of asteroids increases until there is a thick green ring of hundreds of thousands of asteroids. 

The idea behind it is simple and the information alone is enough to shock the viewer.

This inforgraphic is about the struggles and and joys of becoming an adult and growing up. I have blogged this because I felt that it was change (in terms of the information) to the other infographics I have been looking at.

It is light hearted and informative at the same time. The animation is also very well professional and it has been strung together very well. 

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