Thursday, 17 November 2011

Types Of Bomb

@ atomic boms that date from the 1950's era. I think the design of this bomb is extremely practical and that it speaks volumes for mass destruction that this bomb can cause.

I find this photos very fascinating as it shows a very large range of bombs that are all different sizes and that are all capable of delivering different destructive outcomes.

I posted this photo because not only does it show different sizes of bomb ,but it also shows the depth of the different style and designs of bombs. I also thinks that the way their sizes are put into context is clever by standing them next to a person....even though it is slightly eery 

These are a collection of photos of different types of bombs. I thought that this was relevant to my work because I will be designing a poster with the main focal point being bomb.

Although the bomb featured will almost certainly be an Atomic bomb from the WW11 era I thought it would be useful to see the different shapes, sizes and types of bomb to see if it could influence my practice in anyway.

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