Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (C.N.D)

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is an anti nuclear organisation that peacefully protests for the disarmament of nuclear weapons by the United Kingdom.

They oppose military action that may result in the use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and the building of nuclear power stations in the U.K.

They were formed in 1957 and since that time they have been at the forefront of of the peace movement in the U.K. It also claims to be Europe's largest single-issue peace campaign.

The CND symbol was designed by Gerald Holtem in 1958 and has since become the universal symbol for peace and many other variations of the same logo have been made today.

The CND would be very well placed on my No Nukes brief as it is one of the most established and well known nuclear disarmament campaigns in the whole world. The logo is also incredibly well known as variations of its design are still being designed today.

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