Monday, 21 November 2011

Sony Walkman

The logo above is a the remake of the old 80's walkman logo. The W is now made up of a series of dots that appear to be liquid. This liquid effect is used to represent the flow of life and mood when listening to your music on the go. A very effective, modern and eye catching logo.

Sony was founded just after the 2nd world war in 1946 by Masuru and Akio Morita. The 2 complimented each other with a unique blend of product innovation and marketing savvy. They formed a company that would eventually grow into a more than $60 billion glaobal organisation.

Walkman is a sony brand trade name originally used for portable audio cassette and noe used to markets Sony's portable audio and video players as well as  a line of Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

The original walkman (above) was introduced in 1978. It introduced a change in music listening habit by allowing people to carry music with them and listen to music through lightweight headphones.

at first the walkman was not well received by retailers and people were convinced that it would not take off because the user was unable to record any thing on the device, however due to its compact size and excellent sound quality it became a sensation.

The walkman is probably one of the biggest brands of the past 3 decades as it revolutionised the way we listen to music. I t became so big that it monopolised them market and became a house hold and generic name.

The brand have gained a world wide audience and achieved something that now a days we take fro granted. The walkman has always been marketed towards everyone, encompassing many different styles of music into there advertisement. This is made very apparent in the video below.

walkman products sit nicely in the mid range in terms of expense unlike the apple or bang and olufsen brands.

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