Monday, 21 November 2011

Info-Graphics 1

This is an info-graphic of the different types of cafe commonly found in Italy. According to the person who posted this piece, it is not uncommon for the italians to be particularly fussy about their coffee and many of the barristers have to put up with what we would see as over the top.

It caught my eye because of he varied usage and subtle changes of the colour brown. I can almost smell the coffee as im looking at it. The only criticism I would have is that the text towards the top of the design could have been better placed and at a better scale.

Although I am not massively into typography I am into the way information is categorised and stored. This is lovely way of storing type faces in a 2D format. Avery clever concept.

I also like the way that they have kept the same style of the normal periodic tables, and that the only difference is the type.

This design is of a creative C.V. It os a clever way of showing to someone what you are interested in and how often that interest is expressed. It also show to that person how much time you spend on the necessities in life that may not be as interesting as the things you want to be doing.

Although it is clever idea, I would not attempt to design a C.V like this for real unless I was sending to someone in order to obtain a creative job.

This info graphic is very excellent piece of design indeed. Although I am not particularly interested in the actual meaning behind the content, it has still struck a chord with me in terms of aesthetic value.

The way the information is displayed is very graceful and it flows very well together. The way it forms an arrow that points towards the title is also a very nice touch.

I also like the fact that it is quite that might not sound right when it comes to talking about an info-graphic but the usage of just one colour plus stock really makes the image clear, and this is achieved by not cluttering the rest of the image with unnecessary colour or patterns.

This info-graphic mainly caught my eye because of the range of colours that have been layered together. It shows what people are mostly doing at certain points in their lives. It is a nice idea and shows accurate data, but I also think that it is data that people, to a certain extent already know.

with statistical data, like this, the main thing to try and to is to show as much contrast between the data as possible to really hit home the message.

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