Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wipeout Design

Wipeout was a game that was created in 1995 for Sony Computer Entertainment by Pygnosis. The game was first released on the Playstation and saw a number of follow ups released on the PS2, PSP, and its latest, Wipeout HD on the Playstation 3.
The game is about a futuristic anti-gravity racing league. The game is very crisp and precise and always has the latest in electronic sound track to back it up.

The Designers Republic gave the game a realistic and corporate approach to design. And other design companies have kept this look to date.

I first played this game when I eleven and was instantly hooked on the in game design and how much depth and detail went into it.

The games cover, logo and team design was primarily designed by The Designers Republic. Even though the studio is now closed, they have kept the same style that made the game what it still is today.

This is a piece of Wipeout concept art from the latest installment Wipeout HD. I was attracted to this piece because the swirls coming off the ships almost make it look as if their coming alive. It is also pushing all the design limits of the ship to make a stunning piece of artwork.

This is the first installment of the Wipeout series. This cover has been designed by The Designers Republic. Straight away we can see that this has very corporate and futuristic feel. The racing league logo looks very professional and makes the product look like it could be from the future and that the racing league is real.

This is the cover for the game Wip3out. This cover has also been designed by The Designers Republic. the picture is broken down into sharp shapes that are coming together to make the various ships in the game. I think this effect works really well on the cover because it symbolises that this is the start of something coming together.

I like this sketch because the general design approach is quite different from the typical Wipeout design, yet it manages to keep the Wipeout feel. I particularly like the usage of black and white tones. This makes the ship look cold and hard. The more scruffy sketches towards the outside make it look like a the ship is being designed for the first time.

This piece of design is very eye catching because most of the detail is in the background. The track and the environment behind the plain whit ship seems to be breaking apart as the ship comes past. This gives the impression that the ship is traveling with intense speed.

These are the logos for some of the racing teams on Wipeout. Notice how all of them are very clean cut and corporate looking. This sort of design is typical of the The Designers Republic.

This is a poster for the third installment of the game Wip3out, advertising the games soundtrack. The futuristic theme that runs throughout the Wipeout design has been kept here. The yellow of the equalizers stands out very well on the all red background.

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