Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pieces of Design that inspire me...

This advert caught my eye because I like the way it was taking the mick out of another company in order to sell itself better. I also really liked the way the image did not need any text to back it up. This signifies a very powerful, witty and clever advertisement.

This design I think would be very effective at selling the product its representing. In this case it is the Heineken beer. This picture represents unity and having fun at the same time. It relays the simple selling message of if all these people are having a good time drinking heineken maybe you should to.

This piece of design attracted me because of the meaning behind it and how simple it was explaining it. The health care system written backwards is only meant to suggest one thing and that is that the health care system is backwards. simple and very blunt.

I chose this piece because it has an extremely effective message that is very clear visually. Although the design is meant to have a serious message we cannot help but find this image funny because this simply would not happen in real life. I think this is the real message that they want to get across... if you have sex without a condom, it is as stupid as the above.

This piece of design was chosen because it reminded me of my first week of my degree. Seeing my peers work for the first time made me realise that there was going to be a lot of competition, but it also made me realise that there was also a lot of inspiration to soak in. This is definitely a piece that brings up mixed emotions.

This piece of typography has a simple but effective meaning. It is the total opposite meanings of the two phrases that works really well, especially when they come together. the type has been very cleverly manipulated so that the viewer reads the two different words almost at the same time to deliver a quick and clear message.

This piece captured my attention because the main focal point of the piece, in this case the light, has been so simply used. The light bulb has been smashed and there fore it should be impossible for it to light up, but it does. The light signifies a small yet powerful defiance to the darkness that surrounds it.

Again this piece is based on massive contradiction. We can clearly see a mushroom cloud in the shape of a laughing clowns face. Everyone knows that clowns are supposed to bring joy to people and that nuclear weapons kill thousands of people at a time. However clowns are also a subject for evil and the huge smile on the clowns face makes the image even more sinister and powerful.

I chose this piece because I thought the controversy between the disco ball and the bus stop worked really well. We normally think of bus stops, especially on a cold dar and wet night as being not the nicest places to be. But the light coming from the ball is suggesting fun and excitement which makes it look intriguing.

I selected this image because I loved its flow and the way it links itself together. To me the blue sky that forms a circle in the centre of the piece represents the earth. The people that revolve around the edge look like their all enjoying the life that the earth is giving them. This is a very happy, clever and positive piece of design.

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