Monday, 26 October 2009

Single and Album Cover Designs for the Plump Dj's by James Chutter

This work has been designed by a Graphic Designer and Illustrator called James Chutter. This work that he has done for a DJ duo call the Plump Dj's has been a massive inspiration for me.
The designs are all bonded by their unique style that links them all to the same album.
The singles also have their own styles that links them directly to the song title.
I think working with music is an amazing way to create good design as it allows you to work with so many different emotions and styles.

James Chutter's use of hand rendered illustrations combined with digital vector is something that I have been experimenting with and something that over the next three years, would really like to continue.
The usage of vibrant block colours, bold, black outlines and subtle layer variations works well to create an amazing illustration. The backgrounds that consist of over lapping circles help to give the individual pieces more depth without diverting attention off the main illustrations.

The Album Cover - Headthrash

The Singles - Beat Myself Up (Night Remix) / London Street Music

The Singles - Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix) / Rocket Soul

The Singles - Snake Eyes / Disco Unusual

The Singles - Torque Of The Devil / Take The Weight

The Singles - System Addict / Doppler

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