Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fingerlickin Records

Fingerlickin Records are a London based breakbeat label that started in 1998. The founders where Justin Rushmore and Jem Panufnik. Together they form the breakbeat artists Soul of man.
Most of the label art work is created by Jem Panufnik who is a Graphic Designer and it is he who I will be looking in in the post.

I was lured in by Fingerlikin records when I heard the Plump Dj's on the radio. However, it was not until I went on the Fingerlickin website that I released that Jem was an amazing artist.

his usage of amazing hand rendered illustrations and the mix of digital art really inspired me to create some of my own work and is one of the main reasons why I chose to become a Graphic Designer.

The vibrant colours that are displayed in all his work really capture the music that he and his label produces. His use of creating and layering different tones make the pieces come alive with excitement and his almost cartoon style keeps up the funky and happy vibe.

He mainly hand renders the majority of his work and then uses digital programs to touch them up and create the gradients that are used for his backdrops.
Another thing that he excels at is typography. The fingerlickin Records logo on the spring break flyer is a prime example of this.

CD celebrating 10 years of Fingerlickin madness!

Spring Break flyer advertising a party thrown by the label

Brothers Bud - The Herbgrinder (original Mix and Drumattic Twins Remix)

Shimon and Nixon - Around The Edge / White Noise

Slyde - High Rise / Get This Good

Slyde feat. Lady Posh - Vibrate To This Original Mix and Trouble Soup!! Remix!

Soul Of Man - MyLowDownDirty / Foxy Moron

Slyde - We Love Ot / Ride On

This is a talented Grafitti Artist who is showing how Jem's artwork can be turned into a stunning piece of grafitti

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