Monday, 23 November 2009

What is Graphic Design Part 2 - Producing images that effectively communicate a message to an audience.

The jaguar logo I think is a very clever piece of design. when people think of the animal, we think dar, mysterious and powerful. I think the jaguars pounce in this logos sums up what the car manufactures were trying to say perfectly. A fast, powerful, mysterious and exotic car.

This logo for the 2012 london olympic has been the subject for controversy since it was unveiled. The British isles are cleverly made to look like the date 2012.
Its bright bold colours depict something that, if you ask an english person, doesn't really match the cold miserable weather. However the colours are eye catching and the amount of publicity it has had already had would suggest that it ha been a success.

This is one of my favourite logos in terms of how it delivers the message. The S.A.S are the Britains most elite soldiers. The wings on the knife symbolise how the S.A.S work perfectly and very simply. The soldiers parachute from the sky to deliver quick and decisive blows to the enemy. The angle of the knife suggests that they strike with pint point accuracy and the wings suggest they are agile and fast like that of a bird or prey.
The text backs this up but it is not necessarily needed.

This symbol has become more and more noticed in the modern world as the threat of global warming increase. This is a very effective piece of design. The green symbolises new life and new beginnings. This is then backed up with the arrows that form to create a loop and more importantly a cycle. This conveys a very clear and precise message.

This is the anarchist symbol. Although anarchists deny the importance of logos and flags this is the a symbol that they seem to have adopted as their own. The harsh, bold, black lines create an aura of defiance. As we consider a white flag the sign of surrender, this symbol conveys quite the opposite.

This is the apple logo from 2003 onwards. This image is very effective because it represents a company that are renowned for their high quality products and modernism. The apple suggests freshness and cleanliness and the juicy green backs this up very well to create an eye catching and modern logo.

This image was created in 1958 to to support the views of the nuclear disarmament group. Tje image quickly spread to america in the 1960's and from this date it is recognised around the globe as a symbol of peace.
this image need no text to explain itself even though it was not originally designed to portray that particular message.

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