Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Speaking from Experience - Guide To The Yorkshire Dialect

Following one of my crits, it was suggested that I make an audio CD to add to my range of products. This image is of a range of audio CD's by Paul Meier. These CD's are designed to help Actors learn a specific accent for various roles they may have.

These are some dialect boos written by Harry Stoke and Vinny Green.
These books teach you the old Bristolian Dialect and how and where it was formed from. Looking at books like this on the internet was useful because it gave me an understanding of what language to use and in what way I should deliver it.

This is a map of britain that marks off all the types of dialect.
At the start of this breif I thought that it was important to gain some knowledge of the various different accents around the country and how some of them where formed.
This would then set me up nicely when it came to designing my product as I would have a general understanding about the topic at hand.

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