Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Communication Is A Virus - Organ donation

This advert plays with other emotions. it is humorous, but yet the dark undertones of reality are the same. In terms of grabbing people attention (especially the male audience) I think it works very well. However if we read the text we can see that it say " becoming an organ donor is probably the only way you'll get inside her". I think that this may deter some people from the idea of donating as some people might find this offensive.
Also aiming specifically at the male audience loses half the population who may be willing to donate.

This advert also uses that same emotions as the previous ad to grab peoples attention and to pull at their heart strings. It to focus's in on the fact there are only to choices that people have to make. Yes and No, life or death. Although the image is brighter and set outside on a pleasant day the facial expressions are nearly exactly the same, and that is what the viewer is drawn to.

This is an advert taken from a poster campaign in New Zealand.
the advert is quite dark and sinister. It also represents the grim reality of the choice that people have when it comes to organ donation which is either Yes or No. I think that it illustrates that point very well but I feel that when I come to designing the pack I will approach it with a more light hearted attitude.

This is case for real organ transportation.
I think that this design could work very well when it come to designing the packaging for the kit. The design is eye catching and simple and i also think that it would tie together all the products very nicely an professionally.

This is another clipping from the NHS website. It lists simple information on how to register in various ways. This is something that I think is necessary in any organ donation pack and something that I would definitely include in one. building a website may also be a good way to display this kind of information.

This is a screen shot that I took from the nhs organ donation site.
I think this image is fairly powerful as it asks the viewer a direct question. The question is also accompanied by a woman and and a boy starring at you from point blank range. This gives the image a certain personal feel, making you feel involved with their lives and the possibility that you could help them. The woman is standing behind the boy with her hands on his shoulders a if to say im helping him so why cant you?

This design shows the main organs in body and then shows how many people are waiting for that particular organ. This is an effective way of showing information as it gets you thinking about all the people who desperately need an organ transplant to survive as well as showing info clearly.

This is a donor card that is carried on a person at all times.
This object is very important to the breif that I am working on. It is a fundamental object that needs to be included in any organ transplant kit. It is also probably one of the most well known and is the first thing that tells someone that the carrier is an organ donor.
It has very informative and simplistic design that it is necessary for the subject it represents.

This diagram shows the organs of the body that can be removed and recycled.
It is also set out in a simple format and makes locating the organs and their names very easy. when dealing with information such as this I think it is very important to keep the graphics simple so as not to create any confusion.
The reddish pink is very clear on the grey background and no focus is taken away by any unnecessary, over powering graphic.

This is a logo for organ donation.
I thought that this logo was very effective because it was fairly simple and yet it still delivered the message of recycling organs very well. The reason why I think this has worked so well is because it resembles the classic and very well known waste recycling logo which consists of the three green arrows.
In this logo the kidneys are the centre piece and the blue arrows forming a constant loop tells us all we need to know without having to rely on any text.

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