Tuesday, 4 October 2011

No Nukes Brief DC Posters

This poster is taken from the game fallout 3. It shows an advert for a fictional energy company. i like the clever imagery that is made to look like both wind and the Greek god of wind poseidon. If I were to design a poster that had the theme of new energy then this is the kind of style I would like to re create.

This poster is typical of Japanese propaganda from WW11. Japan has always been know as land of the rising sun and this imagery is something that has always been associated with country.

These posters have again been taken from the game fallout 3. I like cartoony style that has been used with thick black outlines on a textured background. This is a style that I have recently began to imitate as I think it makes the image stand out but also gives it that added depth.

This poster is from 1950's America in the Cold War. It encourages people to learn the facts about nuclear fallout and how they can protect themselves. The use of plain pastel colours is very typical of this time. I also like the subtle use of the futura font, something that I will be experimenting in my work.

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