Monday, 26 September 2011

Selected Briefs From The Summer

Over the summer we were asked to find 10 briefs that best suited what we wanted to undertake in design when we got to third year. These are some of the briefs that I have found, modified and been given as freelance work.


After the devastating earthquake in Japan thousands of people had been killed and even more had been left homeless. Shortly afterwards reports came in that one of japans oldest nuclear power plants had been severely damaged in the tsunami and that a nuclear meltdown was very likely to happen.
This got people thinking that now was a good time for the total exclusion of nuclear power in the country.
The brief is to create a poster that will make this message clear to the people of Japan and the rest of the world.


This brief is about celebrating science and engineering. Another simple brief that requires little more than few poster designs to get the message across. This is a very open brief and allows people to use a lot of different mediums ranging from video to print based solutions.


The ARIGATO Project was something that was set up in association it the Tokyo Award.
It is a brief that is asking designers across the world to show their support by creating with the theme of "love" with the belief that design can help re build not just Japan, but other areas of the world as well.


Supremebeing are a UK based clothing company that have recently announced the name of their new theme for the season. The theme is called 'Alpine Soundtrack' and they want designers to illustrate this theme with the brand name in mind as well as winter mountain culture such as music and snowboarding.

SPACE SHUTTLE 1981 - 2011

This was brief that I came up with myself. I have always been someone who has been fascinated by space and space travel and also someone that has grown up alongside the space shuttle. Since it has recently been de commissioned I thought that it would a good idea to celebrate the life of the space shuttle along with her crew.


This was a brief that really caught my attention. A new fleet of planes is about to take to the skies, but the there is one problem, they do not have a name or an idnetity. The brief is to create a suitable image for a fleet of planed that will mainly be making long haul flights over the atlantic. This kind of task is right up my street and suits my style and way of designing.


This is a live brief that I have been asked to under take by my god father. Recently he has purchased the new Lotus Exige S that will be kept at the Nurburgring Nordschleife along with other cars that form a part of a team. I am tasked of creating a racing skin for the car that must include the name of his company and other various sponsor logos.

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